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5 Best things to do in Vail in the summer

5 Best things to do in Vail in the summer,Over the years, Vail has been the go to place of people in the winter.
It’s best known for its snow mountains for skiing snowboarding and other snow sports getaways.

Although summer is considered as off-season it actually offers activities as wide or probably even wider than in winter.
Get to enjoy not just off-season rates but multitudes of activities that would get you active.
Outdoor fun, beautiful landscape views and fantastic food & music is the Vail’s summer experience.

1. Work the body with Epic Discovery

Photo Courtesy : Montaneros

Epic Discovery provides multitude of experiences for all ages.
Bungee trampolines, Zip-line tours summer’s the perfect place for that adventurous soul Epic Discovery in Vail in summer.
Game Creek Aerial Adventure is a course completed for more than 2 hours which includes multitudes of experiences.
Take the aerieal bridge and ride around seven zip lines soaring high for about 2,700 feet while enjoying the magnificent Vail’s mountain landscape.

2. Tap into your nature side by enjoying numerous Vail Hiking trails

Photo Courtesy :Tal Atlas

Vail offers an array of mountain & nature landscapes, Hiking has been one of the most sought out acitviity for tourists & even locals.
See and understand the local vegetation and wildlife that Vail has. Pick up a trail map and immerse yourself with what Vail can offer.
You can also sign up for guided hikes, stargazing events, and youth nature programs.

3. Visit an 8,250-feet Botanical Garden

Photo Courtesy :David Blackey

Located at 8,250 feet in the Rocky Mountains, the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens one of the highest botanical garden in the United States.
It’s known for its alpine horticulture, convservation and educaton.
It’s in a small resort in Vail, Colorado which attracts multiple tourists all over the world.
Explore a collection of uniquely cultivated and preserved plants.


4. Get Your Groove On With Vail’s Live Music Festivals


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The town of Vail is always alive with music all summer!
From live jazz performances on thursday evenings with The Vail Jazz Festival,
You can go to the farmers market on sunday afternoons then go to the Riverwalk Amphitheater on Friday Nights.
Enjoy beautiful music all whole week.

5. Hit the rapids!

Photo Courtesy : Stuart Richards

From amazing mountains, landscapes, vegetation and wildlife, Vail also has the perfect place for Rafting.
With its wild rivers, get hit with that adrenaline and experience the rush and excitement of Vail water rapids.
Vail can offer from extreme to a chill ride that would be perfect for the kids.


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