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Eagle County commits to 100% renewable electricity at all facilities & operations

The Eagle County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution committing to 100% renewable electricity at all county operations and facilities. The county was able to reach this goal through participation in Holy Cross Energy’s Renewable Energy Purchase Program (REPP). The resolution also supports the replacement of heating and transportation fuels with renewable energy sources and general adoption of renewable energy in the larger community.

REPP gives all local residents and businesses the option to receive electricity from 100% renewable energy resources directly feeding the HCE grid. By participating in the program, Eagle County has reached its goal of reducing carbon pollution from internal operations 50% by 2030 immediately, eleven years ahead of schedule.

“It is important to have a systemic approach when it comes to sustainability initiatives, including the incorporation of renewable energy as a pillar of our operations,” Commissioner Matt Scherr said in a release. “It is great to be able to be a leader in support of this initiative and as part of the Climate Action Collaborative.”

Credits to: https://www.vaildaily.com/news/eagle-county-commits-to-100-renewable-electricity-at-all-facilities-operations/